Goal: To continually support, develop, attract and retain a highly skilled and qualified staff committed to the Libraries' role in achieving the University’s mission.

1 Objective: To create and sustain a learning culture that values creativity, encourages innovation and risk-taking, and embraces change and flexibility.
1.1 Create a libraries training and expertise database.
Comments - Database created in MS Access, November 2007. (D Brown)
Comments - Data entered back to 2004, January 2008. (D Brown)
Comments - Reports generated from training data for end-of-fiscal report, March 2008. (D Brown)
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1.2 Promote training on cross-unit public services awareness, improving services to diverse users, creating an inclusive public services and work environment, information technology, introductory-level supervisory skills, and leadership topics for non-supervisors. **
Comments - Initiated one-on-one DreamWeaver training, Feb 2008. (D Brown)
Comments - Invited Grace Wong Sneddon for an additional session of "Diversity in the Libraries", Jan 2008. (D Brown)
Comments - Conducted pilot sessions of "Learning 2.0" and "Intuitive Computer Use", 2007-2008). (D Brown)
Comments - Offered a series of Webinar sessions, 2007-2008. (D Brown)
Comments - Instructional technology training for librarians was held in the summer of 2008. Specific technology included iClickers and Sympodum. Librarians were also provided with training opportunities for integrating their subject responsibilities with course management systems such as Blackboard and Moodle. (P. Russell)
Comments - Librarians were regularly informed of upcoming Learning and Teaching Centre events and workshops. (P. Russell)
1.3 Create customized new employee orientation programs by position, unit, and employee group including information for casual, work study, and co-op student employees.
Comments - New librarians guided through orientation programs. (Reference)
Comments - UBC SLAIS co-op students, supervised by the Teaching and Learning Librarian, were provided with customized employee orientation. Liaised with David Brown of the Staff Development Office and librarians in the Reference & Collections unit to facilitate this. (P. Russell)
1.4 Train supervisors and managers on new employee orientation procedures.
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1.5 Encourage and support Librarians and PEA staff to serve on campus-wide committees.
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1.6 Establish a libraries Equity and Diversity Committee.
Comments - Committee established April 2007. (D Brown)
Comments - Conducted survey of libraries staff regarding equity/diversity issues, Fall 2007. (D Brown)
Comments - Created bookmark and book display of diversity/equity-related titles for March 2008 - Diversity Month! (D Brown)
Comments - Initiated planning for an Equity & Diversity Handbook, Feb 2008 (D Brown).
Comments - Reference staff served as members of Equity & Diversity Committee. (Reference)
1.7 Continue to offer human rights workshops to libraries staff.
Comments - Offered another session of Grace Wong Sneddon's "Diversity in the Libraries", Jan 2008. (D Brown)
Comments - Promoted three "Creating Spaces" workshops to libraries staff. 2007-2008. (D Brown)
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1.8 Support attendance at relevant workshops and conferences.
Comments - Generated reports from the training database to illustrate which units regularly attended training, and which did not, March 2008. (D Brown)
Comments - Sent out LibNews reminders of upcoming training in addition to initial announcement, 2007-2008. (D Brown)
Comments - Solicited feedback about equity/diversity-related training via the fall survey, October 2007. (D Brown)
Comments - Reference staff attended many library and academic subject conferences. (Reference)
1.9 Train staff in Web 2.0 applications and the implications of social networking for academic libraries.
Comments - Created a piloted "Learning 2.0", which focuses on Web 2.0 applications.
Comments - Developed and piloted "Intuitive Computer Use", which is aimed at improving internet and general computer comfort, as a precursor to another round of Learning 2.0 training, 2008. (D Brown)
Comments - Promoted the use of Windows Live Messenger for inter-office communication, especially between admin support staff, 2007-2008. (D Brown)
Comments - Promoted the use of blogs and wikis for planning and communication, 2007-2008. (D Brown)
1.10 Support teacher development training for librarians facilitated by the Teaching and Learning Librarian.**
Comments - Teacher Development training was postponed due to available resources in the Learning and Teaching Centre. This objective will be revisited in 2009. (P. Russell)
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